2. The Mawi Times.

May 1 saw the start of the 5th month (redundancies galore!) and also the Mawi Sample sale in London.

Unfortunately for me, my trip to London got postponed by another three weeks, so all I could do was wring my hands and pace up and down the living room in my house whilst quoting lines from Shakespeare that underline feelings of separation and anxiety.

Since it is Mawi, and the house has single handedly taken contemporary jewellery into a place very few have managed to, I clicked through the internet rather aggressively looking for reviews and images.

Matthew Zorbas blogged about it on his page, and it was short, simple and had close ups of the pieces and that made my day.


The blog also lets me know that Mawi is working on clutch bags and a couple of partnerships for LFW in London, and I can’t wait!