37. Dolce & Gabbana do couture.

Remember when Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce dropped some not so subtle hints, at the Vogue Festival in April, about them possibly considering couture for their powerhouse Italian brand next? Yes, that. July 9th must be marked on your planner as the day that you keep your eyes peeled for the images from the showing on Twitter.

No press allowed at the showing, which will be in Sicily, and by God, am I excited! After that absolutely phenomenal A/W ’12 showing at Milan Fashion Week, I for one, did not consider the duo going couture-er than that in terms of concept and implementation. Sicilian Baroque was the inspiration for the collection, and amongst all that ornate gold, and lace, I did not see the Dolce & Gabbana duo going couture, next. Not the most surprising of decisions though; it seems like the natural next step for them after having dissolved the D&G line into Dolce & Gabbana in itself. You can tell that they’re clearly thinking of hitting 36 off their next over. (Yes, that’s Cricket talk for “I can just tell that that couture showing will be absolutely sensational, and I can hardly wait”!)

A Dolce & Gabbana womenswear F/W ’12 refresher for you.

PS- Still gushing over the fall interpretation of last season’s fruit and pasta inspired earrings, with large jewels on chandelier earrings. Waiting in on netaporter to to deliver the goods! (Literally!)

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