7. The canvas bag that’s always trimmed with leather conundrum.

I admit; once you set out on the path of propagating sustainability and compassion in fashion, it can be slim pickin’s with the choices, but every once in a while a legendary design house comes up with something that reminds you that the sustainable fashion future is still within grasp, and all it takes is intent (and a market) (!) to turn it into a reality.

My problem is simple, like with the Celine Phantom luggage tote in canvas. Novel idea, incredible gift for people who don’t consume leather, and, can’t stress on this enough- would’ve LOVED to own it, so why the leather trims? I realise the leather handles add a certain amount of credibility, and stability to the structure of the bag, but faux leather is not a conceptual myth anymore, is it? If a Stella McCartney can give us the super sturdy faux leather handles on the Monogrammed Canvas Tote, then, theoretically, Celine should be able to, as well.


Celine Phantom Luggage Tote in Canvas in White. Also available in Olive.


Stella McCartney Monogrammed Canvas Tote.

One could say that at $1500, the Phantom in canvas is unjustifiably expensive and the leather trims are just a tiny (but imperative) necessity as a highlight of the bag, but I just don’t understand the dilution of the point of a canvas bag with non faux leather. If one’s making a bag for someone who wears leather, I’d imagine they’d rather spend their $1500 on something a lot more “investment worthy” and that’d leave the people who don’t wear leather… Again, why the leather trims? Either Celine, in this case, are trying to convince consumers to buy their bags irrespective of what they make and how they price it- just because they’re Celine, which sounds infuriatingly exploitative to me, or just that no matter what they hear or say, they can’t seem to find it in their hearts to make something absolutely non leather. How un-Parisian, darlings! No wait, Yves Saint Laurent gave us the Tribute heels in rubber for SS ’12…

Back to square one.

Am I the only one who finds design houses’ (Celine only in this case; because let us not forget Anya Hindmarch’s SS ’12 colour block rubber tote with the leather handles fiasco) absolute disregard for logic of theory, here, increasingly frustrating?

Let us just call the Celine Phantom Tote in Canvas, French Art, for then, maybe in a couple of (multiple) decades the logic of it will shine upon us like a bright beam of light.

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